How do I report potholes or other maintenance-related problems?

If you encounter potholes and other maintenance concerns at any time on Pennsylvania’s roadways, simply call PennDOT’s toll-free Roadway Maintenance Hotline, 800-FIX-ROAD, to report the problem and its location. We’ll take it from there.


How can I be sure to be notified about upcoming meetings on the project?

The time and location for each open house public meeting will be publicized in advance through local media and on the project website: You can also sign up on the website with your email address to stay connected and receive updates related to the project. We will also share information about upcoming meetings with the municipalities and your local state representatives.


What is the process and status of the US 30 Reconstruction projects?

The projects are currently in the Conceptual Design phase, which will take approximately two years. The next phase will be Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Evaluation, which is anticipated to last approximately two to four years. Final Design will follow, with a two to four year timeframe for the various projects. Construction is anticipated to begin in the mid-2020’s, with each individual project having a unique, but coordinated, construction schedule.


When will I start to see construction on the US 30 Reconstruction projects?

Construction is estimated to comment in the mid-2020’s. During the Project Development Process, interim construction work will occur along the corridor (maintenance activities, paving, etc.), which should not be confused for construction work related to the US 30 Reconstruction projects.


Will noise barriers be included in the US 30 Reconstruction projects?

The projects are currently in the Conceptual Design phase, which is anticipated to be completed by mid-2018. The use of noise barriers will be evaluated during the next stage of the Project Development Process, which is the Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Evaluation. Additional public meetings and special process meetings will be held as the project progresses to discuss the possible use of noise barriers.


Will my property or business be impacted by the US 30 Reconstruction projects?

Currently, the projects are in the Conceptual Design phase. Property impacts are not yet known. Should your property be needed for transportation purposes, you will be contacted and you may be assured that PennDOT’s Right-of-Way Representatives will gladly answer any questions you may have. You may also be assured that it is PennDOT’s intention to achieve the best possible transportation facilities while maintaining your satisfaction as a private landowner. More information about the acquisition process can be found in PennDOT Publication 83.